An innocent bag of sweets becomes a disturbing vessel for medicine capsules which spill out over a worktop. The viewer is drawn in by the miniature sweets, chocolates, fruit and vegetables, only to find text and numbers are part of the mix. A person with disordered eating will lose sight of actual food and will concentrate on its calorific value – food becomes numbers rather than an ingredient for health and pleasure. 

Photo credit: Yeshen Venema

Photo credit: Yeshen Venema

Measurement: 15cm x 24cm x 1cm

Process: Hand stitch

Materials: Textile, silk threads, medicine capsules, dolls house miniatures

Currently exhibited in:
The Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch, British Textile Biennial, Towneley Hall Museum, Lancashire (3 Oct 2019 - 29 Feb 2020)

Exhibited in:

Wit of the Stitch, Ruthin Crafts Centre, North Wales (2016)

13th International London Eating Disorder Conference, University College London (2017)

BEAT Eating Disorder International Conference, Imperial College London (2018)

'The Mr X Stitch Guide to Cross Stitch' at Standen House National Trust Property, West Sussex (2018)