I have investigated the use of Twitter and how it is used as a tool by those suffering from eating disorders to create a dialogue around their illness. One Twitter account had more than 31.5K Followers with some posts attracting over 600 Likes and over 700 Retweets.

144 tweets have been hand stitched and placed inside clear, empty medicine capsules. These are displayed within an old-fashioned candy jar. The paper circular lid cover has been replaced by cotton fabric hand stitched with candy-coloured stripes and researched text. The second jar contains related hashtags.

Social media exposure can have a significant influence on body image, dieting habits, self-esteem, body comparison and body dissatisfaction.

 Photo credit: Yeshen Venema

Photo credit: Yeshen Venema

 Photo credit: Michael Wicks

Photo credit: Michael Wicks

Exhibited in:

Wit of the Stitch, Ruthin Crafts Centre, North Wales (2016)

London Eating Disorder Conference, University College London (2017)

Desperate Artwives, Feminism in London Conference, University of London (2017)

Eating Disorder International Conference, Imperial College London (2018)

Solo Gallery, The Knitting & Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace, London (11th to 14th October 2018), Simmonscourt, RDS, Dublin (8th - 11th November 2018), and Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate (22nd - 25th November 2018)