scream of consciousNess, 2019

A construct of contemporary society’s unhealthy obsession with healthy food

Her signature works are dainty, detailed and intricately hand sewn pieces, but take a closer look and her pieces reveal dramatic and often painful subject matters. Her beautiful simplistic style is in stark contrast to the complicated and well-researched societal issues depicted. School of Stitched Textiles, July 2019

# Data: Instagram April 2019

# Data: Instagram April 2019

Scream of Consciousness 2.jpg

Scream of Consciousness 3.jpg

Scream of Consciousness 4.jpg

Size: 32cm x 45cm x 1cm (framed)

Process: Hand stitch

Materials: Textile, silk threads

Exhibited in:

Construct, 62 Group Exhibition, Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Pudsey, West Yorkshire (20 Jul - 15 Sep 2019)