The Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton, Hampshire, created a project in 2017 to commemorate the bicentenary of Jane Austen's death. Participants from all over the world have been invited to create a block for this special quilt which is now complete and on display in the museum until December 2018. It will also be exhibited at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this summer.

Jane Austen Community Quilt Project, Caren Garfen, Image 1.jpg

Quotes were taken from Jane Austen's novels, in particular Mansfield Park, to illustrate women's lives and how they were expected to behave in the home and in society. The hand stitched quotes indicate the restrictions placed upon women in the Regency era.

Jane Austen Community Quilt Project, Caren Garfen, Image 2.jpg

Cassandra Austen's sampler which is on display at the museum was used as a starting point for this design.  

Exhibited in:

Jane Austen Community Quilt Project, Jane Austen House Museum (March - December 2018)

Festival of Quilts, NEC Birmingham (9th - 12th August 2018)