About the Artist

Caren Garfen.jpg

Caren Garfen specialises in textiles and painstaking hand stitch creating carefully considered pieces with profound messages.

Caren's interest is in gender politics and women’s issues in the twenty-first century. She works around specific themes, such as women and work/life balance or women and dieting/the body. Her wryly humorous and sharply observed hand sewn messages are the result of extensive research and intuitive observation. The entertaining accessibility of her work masks a serious underlying social commentary.

Caren has established an international reputation for her accessible yet challenging issue-based art. Her work has been exhibited widely in the UK and Europe, as well as in Japan, USA, Canada and Australia.


“Caren Garfen’s work for this exhibition is a remarkable translation of meticulous research into meticulous outcomes. Working in the most painstaking hand-stitch, she re-presents this information in a manner that is direct, understandable and completely humane in her use of the tools and the domestic/work garment.”

Professor Lesley Millar, Cloth & Memory 2